Dordogne Property for Sale in France: From Gites to Chateaux

Looking for a holiday home in France? The Dordogne real estate market has the best and cheapest properties for sale.

Now is the best moment to buy a house in France, especially in the Dordogne. The last few years of recession have had a dramatic effect on French property sales. Prices for exquisite chateaux and picturesque gites have dropped sometimes as much as 50%, which means it’s possible now to find a cheap and affordable Dordogne house for sale.

Why Buy Dordogne Property?

The French province of the Dordogne is famous for its unique mild continental climate, and its inhabitants, for their friendly and positive outlook. This is an area barely touched by globalization, where sometimes one has to drive ten miles to get to the local bakery. Perfect for those property buyers who look for peace and quiet.

Many property buyers choose Dordogne real estate with a view to renting it out during the tourist season. Some Dordogne gites — holiday homes — can be rented out for over 1000 Euro a week during the summer months, and a room with breakfast, for 50-plus Euro per night. This pays the bills for the whole year quite nicely!

How to Choose Dordogne Houses for Sale: Types of Property

There are several types of Dordogne properties to consider. The cheapest buys are various ruins and renovation projects: farms, townhouses and even barns in open fields. Sold in various states of disrepair, they are often situated on large plots of land. A buyer should make sure these plots come with a certificate of urbanization: barns, however cute and picturesque, often don’t require them, so the buyer’s attempt to rebuild such a barn into a proper house may be stopped as illegal.

Before signing the deeds, the buyer of a ruin has to make sure the plot of land he’s purchasing has planning permission attached to the property. Applying for planning permission after the purchase may prove impossible if the plot doesn’t meet specific conditions. Depending on the area, one can expect to pay as little as 40,000 Euro for a ruin or a large plot of land with planning permission on it.

Buying a Gite in the Dordogne: the Abundance of Choice

Farmhouses and gites are the most popular type of Dordogne property. They come in all shapes and sizes, one-bedroom as well as three-story, modern and rustic, with or without swimming pools or underfloor heating, and prices vary accordingly. The Dordogne is the third largest province in France, and the houses’ position affects property prices greatly.
Currently, Dordogne property prices are at their lowest ever: a house that used to cost about 350,000 Euro two or three years ago is now on the market for 200,000 or lower. Buyers are advised to take their time and choose carefully.

Choosing an Apartment or Townhouse in Dordogne Cities: Sarlat, Le Bugue, Perigueux

A Dordogne townhouse or apartment is yet another option for those who prefer to settle down in one of its adorable medieval cities. A garage or private parking is an absolute must for a Dordogne apartment or townhouse! Even in the dead of winter, finding a parking space in those winding 12th-century streets is often impossible.Dordogne Chateaux for Sale: Majestic and Comfortable
A loaded buyer might also consider gorgeous Dordogne chateaux. Normally, a French chateau is not a traditional fortified castle, but rather a large manor house, comfortable and well-equipped. The prices of Dordogne chateaux for sale start from 500,000 Euros, but even they have suffered the same near-50% decline as the rest of local properties.

Still, major repairs might affect the price so it’s always a good idea to check the place carefully and make sure it doesn’t need serious renovations as the cost of building materials has, in contrast, risen dramatically.

These days, Dordogne real estate is the buyer’s market, and it’s perfectly possible to find one’s dream house for a fraction of the price one would have paid two or three years ago. Buyers need to take their time and choose carefully: this could be the place where they’ll spend the best years of their lives!