Guest Posting: Write for Us – Submit Your Article to Property and Home Improvement Blog

We have many requests for guest posting opportunities, and for a short time, we have decided to offer fellow bloggers in the home improvement/property/real estate niches the chance of publishing a guest article on our blog. If you become a contributor blogger at Home View Online, you will gain SEO benefits as well as visitors to your company website. Submitting a post for publication is very easy, but please make sure you have read the following contributor guidelines before you submit an article.

Quality Posting Guidelines

For your post to be considered a quality submission and published on our site, there are five major guidelines to which your article must adhere to. These guidelines are:

  • Content must be unique, free of copyright violations and not be published or found anywhere else on the web.
  • Content must be useful and interesting for an audience interesting in real estate or home improvements and decor.
  • Content must be free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Content must be at least 600 words in length without excessive filler words and fluff.
  • Content may only contain one link in the author bio.

Publication Time Frame

Posts will usually be published within one to two weeks if you write for us. However, for those in a hurry, we have also a paid guest post option for super fast priority publication. The paid option also forgoes the minimum word requirement, and furthermore allows you to place up to two anchor links in the body of the article as opposed to one link in an author bio paragraph.  If you are interested in almost instant publication, email your article to the email address below indicating you are interested in a paid submission and we will send you a PayPal payment address. As soon as the invoice is paid we will post your article. Please bear in mind we are in the UK and therefore working GMT office hours. The cost of the paid option is $30.

We reserve the right to reject any submissions that do not meet our quality guidelines.

Email address for article submissions: