How to Sell a Home Super Fast

De-clutter your home prior to putting it onto the property market. Potential buyers want to feel that all of their things will fit into their new home. De-cluttering is an easy way to create this feeling for a potential buyer. As well, all areas in your home are fair game for buyers to inspect, so they need to be clean and organized.
Focus on these areas for maximum effect

Get countertops clear. As a rule of thumb, countertops should not have more than 3 items on them, so remove what you don’t use daily and put it in storage.
Cabinets/Under the sink. Clear your cabinets of items that you have not used in more than a year. Chances are if you haven’t used it, you won’t need it right away. Do the same with the items under the sink; toss unused items and organize remaining products in bins and baskets.


Organize and clean your pantry out. Clear out expired food items, or decide what can go to the local food bank. Organize like items, and again, place any long unused small appliances in storage while your home is on the market.

Refrigerator & Freezer

You may be planning on taking your appliances with you, but appliances can be a great bargaining chip, especially clean and organized ones. Toss any expired food, clean out unused condiments, clean the inside and replace food items in an organized fashion.


Get the countertops clear. You should only have one soap out and one other item – it should not be your toothbrush.

Under the sink

Clean out unused items, and store toiletries in bins and baskets to keep them organized. Now is not the time to stock up on toilet paper.

Medicine Cabinet

Appropriately dispose of expired medicines, and put items you want kept private under the sink.

Linen Closet

Clean out the linen closet, fold all the linens neatly, and organize any other items in bins and baskets.

Laundry Room

Make sure everything is neat and clean. A clean and organized laundry area gives the impression that laundry is a fun and easy thing to do.


Clean out all closets of unused items, clothing and hangars. Store out of season items in storage, and donate long unworn items to a shelter.


File away all papers. Clear clutter off of desk spaces, again, only a few items should be out. Corral cords to keep them looking organized.

Kids’ Stuff
Pack away a good majority of your kids’ toys. Any remaining toys should remain picked up, and always have a place to go like bins or a toy chest.

The second part of selling your home fast is Staging, and this is the fun part!

You want your home to look open and inviting. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves relaxing on the couch, taking a bubble bath in your bathroom, or making meals in the kitchen.

Creating Space

By de-cluttering, you have organized spaces, but don’t forget to remove extra and unnecessary pieces of furniture so buyers can move around freely without feeling crowded.

Remove Personal Touches

A buyer needs to be able to picture their family in this home, not yours. Remove all family photos, heirlooms and personal items that could make a potential buyer think of someone other than themselves in your house.

House Plants

Remove dead and dying houseplants, and replace them with healthy ones. Don’t buy fake plants. Flowers can also be a great way to make a non-personal statement in a room, but make sure you remove them when they start to wilt.


Use “fancy” and new soaps for display in your bathroom. Remove your used razor and face wash prior to a buyer coming through.

De-cluttering and staging a home can be fun! Both will allow you to feel more organized and comfortable in your home while it is on the market. Potential buyers will find themselves envious of a harmonious home and want to live there themselves.