Moving to a New Home – Can a Self-Move Work?

Moving can be very expensive. Do-it-yourself can cut costs, but one may not want to put in the time or energy. Try to assess whether or not it’s a good option.

Finally, ready to make the big move – but should someone hire moving professionals, or do it yourself? Self-moving can save money but may not be worth the other efforts involved. When considering a self-move, there are many factors to think about. Each person must evaluate them in light of his own situation.

Factors to Consider for a Self-Moving

With a self-move, one will probably need a lot of time and a lot of help. A self-move means that he will be doing all the packing, unpacking, loading and unloading himself, in addition to the driving. Will there be extra hands available at both starting and ending points to help out? Is there a lot of heavy or valuable items, such as furniture or appliances? If so, helping hands are a must, as the mover will want to be extra careful. An inbetween option would be to consider something like this man & van hire service in Bristol – see more here.

Is there enough time to complete all the tasks? The mover will have to purchase all of the packing and moving supplies himself, besides for actually moving. A successful self-move will generally be a smaller move with a close destination, that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of time or assistance. Even when weighing in the financial side, the mover may end up taking off work in order to put in the time to do the move.

The mover should also factor in extras, such as food and lodging on the way to the endpoint. Altogether, these additions may subtract significantly from the financial benefit of a self-move.

Who Will Do-it-Yourself Moving Really Benefit?

A single person or smaller family is most likely to do well with the self-move, as there will be fewer items to move, and less worry about how to get all the people to the destination.

Another issue to take into account with the self-move is actually driving the vehicle. A self-move may necessitate the rental of a large truck, which may require a special license. Driving a large truck is different from driving a regular car, with much larger mirrors and a longer vehicle to steer.

The size of the vehicle poses other problems, as you will not be able to pass through all bridges and underpasses. A truck must be driven slower than an ordinary vehicle, and you will need to make wider turns. One may also need to obtain certain parking permits for loading and unloading that a full-service operator would typically negotiate.

Don’t decide based solely on cost – the mover must consider his circumstances and see what works best for him or her.