Why Homeowners Should Consider a Portable Air Con Unit

With our summers in this country getting hotter and hotter over the years, the need to find effective ways to cool our homes has become vital. It’s fair to say that during summer there’s not a lot else that’s worse than trying to sleep and failing because of that sticky hot atmosphere. Try as you may, opening your windows normally doesn’t help much and can even exasperate the problem further. Many invest in a desk or table fan to help with this problem, but as it just moves the hot air around, apart from creating a pleasant draft, it is not an effective way of cooling the room.

Air conditioning, like the kind you would find at your workplace, is quite expensive and not particularly ideal for your home. As they can be quite bulky and unsightly, you may also find that your neighbours complain if you have one installed.

Unsurprisingly, there are many people (including perhaps yourself) that think there is no affordable and effective solution to this problem.

However, there is. In the form of portable air conditioners, that is. Given that these often retail for prices as low as £100 and the fact they are easy to move around, really break or need replacement parts, they are a great investment.

CFC Air Con Units

We understand that there will be many quick to argue that as climate change is responsible for the rise in temperatures we are experiencing when you use an air conditioning unit, you are becoming part of the problem. Although it should be noted that as many modern air conditioners are CFC-free, they don’t have any harmful emissions that contribute to the climate change the planet is experiencing.

Furthermore, many argue that air con requires a lot of power, when most units cost roughly 10p per hour to run. When you think about it, that’s quite a small investment when you know you will be able to get a good night’s sleep because of it.

The decision about investing in a portable air con unit is a personal one and depends on what you want. For instance, if you want to wake up each and every morning full of energy because you’ve slept the whole night through, then an air con unit will help you get that.

Where to Buy Portable Air Conditioners

You can find portable air con units, as well as dehumidifiers and coolers online. Just make sure you are buying an appliance that doesn’t use CFCs. You can help the planet even more by choosing to shop online as you won’t have to pay for fuel to take you to a local physical store. You will also save money on parking charges and won’t have to deal with those irritating salesmen and women who are only interested in meeting targets.

So, if you want to stay cool throughout the day during the summertime and want the benefit of a long and relaxing sleep at night, you should give serious consideration to investing in a portable air conditioner.